Travel Rally Day in Greater Morgantown

A Celebration during National Travel & Tourism Week


An annual celebration that first began in 2009, Travel Rally Day is a time for people to share what travel means to them personally. This week, we want to showcase the amazing people in the travel industry who make travel and tourism possible in the United States.

Travel Rally Day is a day that shines a light on the efforts of the travel industry. Not only does the industry affect the economy and those who travel, but local workers and businesses as well. Travel Rally Day is a time for those who work in the travel industry across the country to stand together and talk about the importance of traveling to the public, the media, and elected officials.


Many of us have heard of the frequently reported positive effects of travel on not only work performance, but also relationships and personal well-being. With national attention growing to create more American jobs, how much thought do we give to the powerful travel economic effects in the United States?

Probably not as much as is deserved. The travel industry played a major role in the economic recovery of the United States post-recession. Since 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the travel industry has actually recovered faster than many other U.S industries. Further, travel generates over $2 trillion for the U.S. economy and over $900 billion in direct travel expenditures.

As a top-10 employer in 49 states and the District of Columbia, the travel industry supports over 15 million jobs in the United States. It also is the number one service export in the U.S., accounting for 11.2 percent of all U.S. exports last year. In Greater Morgantown’s district alone, travel supports over 9,000 jobs!


Greater Morgantown Convention and Visitors Bureau encourages Morgantown locals and visitors to stop by any of the three centers to pick up brochures and ask questions about the area to further explore what Greater Morgantown has to offer. Additionally, you can always call with questions about directions and information regarding events, venues, hotels, and activities to do around town.

If you need directions to the visitor centers in Greater Morgantown, you can find the addresses and view maps of the locations.

Please join us in the celebration by posting your travel photos and by using the hashtag #nttw17 and #TourMorgantown on social media! And if you need ideas for things to do this week, check out our guide to National Tourism Week 2017.

Source: U.S. Travel Association

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