The Top 10 Pepperoni Rolls Voted by Locals

Who do you think makes the best pepperoni rolls?

Over the past month, we asked you to tell us what business you believe makes the best pepperoni rolls in Greater Morgantown. We received several businesses in Greater Morgantown and the surrounding area, so you can either stay in town or take a short drive to try out a new bakery!

After many clicks, likes, shares, and comments, we have tallied up the results and are excited to announce that most found Mid Atlantic Market, in Morgantown, makes the best pepperoni rolls! Congratulations, Mid Atlantic Market!

Here are the top 10 businesses, voted by locals, that make the best pepperoni rolls:

In Greater Morgantown

  1. Mid Atlantic Market in Morgantown
  2. Chico’s Bakery in Morgantown
  3. Terra Cafe in Morgantown
  4. Phoenix Bakery in Morgantown
  5. Clubhouse Grill at the Pines in Morgantown
  6. Cool Springs Grocery, Kingwood Pike in Morgantown

Around Greater Morgantown

  1. Colasessano’s in Fairmont
  2. Country Club Bakery in Fairmont
  3. D’Annunzio’s Bakery in Clarksburg
  4. Home Industry Bakery in Clarksburg


Thank you to all who participated!

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