How Do You GoMo?

Do you enjoy the great outdoors and live music, or a football game and wine tasting? Take the GoMo Personality Quiz by choosing a photo that best describes you and get started on your visit to Greater Morgantown! #TourMorgantown

What’s the best way to travel the Country Roads?

It’s time for your weekly karaoke night, what’s your go-to-song?

Planning your getaway is

It’s time to eat, what’s on your plate?

It’s summer, which ice cream is on top of your cone?

Your idea of “amenities” is

There are four tours leaving in 30 minutes, which one are you on?

You are the life of the party and can be spotted at one-of-a-kind events! You look forward to traveling back to town for your university’s alumni weekend and cheering on your team by tailgating with old friends. You also enjoy getting dressed up and exploring the nightlife scene with dinner, drinks and dancing-while sharing it all on social media!

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You are an outdoor adventurist at heart! Your ideal afternoon is grabbing your furry friend and heading to a hiking trail or zip lining with your friends. When it comes to dining and shopping, you enjoy staying local and experiencing one-of-a-kind tastes and treasures. Staying another day is no problem–you can take that side trip to that historical battlefield or covered bridge.

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Your idea of a great vacation starts by researching hotels and attractions with the best ratings. You book at local resort with a golf course and indoor spa–but you’re determined to “live like a local” during your getaway. You eat at restaurants voted most popular and seek out the wine festivals. You wrap up each trip with some online reviews.

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You’re a believer in “the more the merrier” and enjoy unplugging and connecting with your family. You crave weekends where you load the kids up in the car and travel to a nearby fair or festival. Whether it’s time at the zoo, painting pottery or bouncing around at an indoor trampoline park, you make time for antiquing and craft shows.

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