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Greater Morgantown’s heritage is reflected in its architecture, artwork, cuisine and celebrations. Countless customs and traditions passed down over generations are a vibrant part of daily life here and make “Mountaineer Country” an epicenter of Appalachian culture. But the region was an ethnic melting pot as well; as early as the 1880’s into the 1920’s coal mines attracted immigrants from Europe. Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, and Italian roots are common in the region, and their heritage has become an indistinguishable part of the Greater Morgantown fabric.

Local events such as the Preston County Buckwheat Festival, WVU Mountaineer Week, Arts Walk, and the Civil War Weekend celebrating the Victory of Rowlesburg gives you the chance to rub shoulders with our locals and understand what makes our region tick.

There is no shortage of ways to discover the many facets of the region’s history, starting with Arthurdale, “Eleanor’s Little Village.” The community was nurtured by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt when it became the first New Deal project. The living history museum traces the fascinating connection between a West Virginia community and the First Lady in the 1930s.

A walking audio tour of downtown Morgantown reveals the city’s historic architecture through structures like the majestic Metropolitan Theatre, home to vaudeville acts featuring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Helen Hayes. No less than 10 of WVU’s downtown campus buildings are on the national register of historic places.

Just for fun, visit the Forks of Cheat Baptist Church, the first church established west of the mountains in November, 1775, and find the infamous “whiskey stone” in the front lawn cemetery. This headstone served quite another purpose during Prohibition: here, dollars were discreetly exchanged for liquor!

Morgantown’s one-of-a-kind culture is in everything around you, from the quaint antique shops and world-famous “Pepperoni Rolls” to the Appalachian music and handmade crafts. In every way possible, the past seamlessly weaves through the essence of present-day Mountaineer Country, making it an American destination rich with heritage.

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