Balloons Over Morgantown!

Come Out and View the Hot Air Balloons This Weekend

(image via @ummbf)

Balloons Over Morgantown returns this weekend for University Toyota’s annual event at the Morgantown Airport. The hot air balloons will arrive Thursday, October 19 with daily launches through Sunday, October 22. Launches are scheduled for 8am and 4pm each day, except Sunday with only a morning launch.

(image via @ummbf)

This year, 14 total balloons will be joining Balloons Over Morgantown to fly in the West Virginia fall foliage. The event consists of a NightGlow on Thursday, October 19, followed by 5 launches over the course of the weekend, weather permitting. NightGlow will be held at the Morgantown Mall and then all of the launches will be from Morgantown Municipal Airport.

Crew members are only permitted on the launch site, but balloons will be visible from behind the fences and all over Morgantown. Feel free to follow a balloon until it lands, then help to pack it back up! There are several balloon “pilots” and balloon designs to be seen this year, with names such as Mountain Mama II, Greased Lightning, Sky Dancer, Viper and more. Check the Balloon Watch page to get an idea of what balloons you want to try and spot over Greater Morgantown this weekend. 

To stay updated on balloon launches and directions, visit the Balloons Over Morgantown Facebook page!

Share photos of all the hot air balloons you see this weekend by using #TourMorgantown!

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