Kids D&D (Ages 9-12)

June 27, 2019 at 6:00 pm


Kids D&D (Ages 9-12)
June 13 and June 27 from 6pm – 8pm
Meeting Room C | Registration Required

Delving into the ancient Tombs, slipping through the back alleys in the great city of Waterdeep, battling goblins while hacking a trail through the thick jungles on the Isle of Dread—these are the things that Dungeons & Dragons adventures are made of. Your character in the game might explore forgotten ruins and uncharted lands, uncover dark secrets and sinister plots, and slay fire breathing dragons.

Throughout the program players will learn the basics of the D&D system from making their own heroic characters, planning epic games and creating fantasy worlds to adventure in.

The program is open to all players from beginner to expert. All game materials will be supplied. Call 304-291-7425 or visit our circulation desk to register.

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Location Details:

Morgantown Public Library
373 Spruce Street, Morgantown, WV, USA

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