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Asia Royal Grocery

Our store proudly provide Asian foods and products. Asia Vegetables, Fishs,Meats, Dry products, Rice,popular ice cream, Drink and Fresh Sushi !!!!!

Asian Bistro

A Chinese restaurant known for its modern interpretation of oriental dishes and its insistence on only using high-quality, fresh ingredients.

Chaang Thai

Traditional Thai fare such as noodles & curry in a relaxed setting with seating & a warm vibe.

Eastern Chinese Kitchen

Lavender Cafe

Authentic Taiwanese restaurant. Features classic Chinese dishes, sushi, and bubble tea.

Oryza Asian Grill

At ORYZA we are committed to balance… Balance between style and convenience and the perfect balance between healthy and YUM! ORYZA is the plant family from which rice is derived, and thereby the foundation of our dishes as well as our culture. In the East, rice is seen as a symbol of health, prosperity, abundance, […]

Saigon Pho Kitchen

Volcano Japanese Restaurant

Japanese sushi, nigiri, hibachi, and teriyaki dishes.


Udon, a Japanese noodle soup, sushi & other Asian specialties are featured at this intimate fixture.

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