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From Greater Morgantown Convention and Visitors Bureau Visitors’ Center
341 Chaplin Road, First Floor, Morgantown, WV 26501

1 Head southeast on Donley St toward Don Knotts Blvd/University Ave
2 Turn rig’ht at US-119 S/Don Knotts Blvd/University Ave
3 Turn left at US-119 S/Co Rd 73
4 Turn right at US-119 S/Grafton Rd
5 Make a U-turn at Scott Ave
Arriving at US-119 N/Grafton Rd
Total: 3.9 mi - about 8 mins

(304) 594-1561
Starting from US-119 N/Grafton Rd
1 Head northwest on US-119 N/Grafton Rd
2 Slight right at Grafton Rd
3 Turn left at US-119 S/Grafton Rd
4 Turn right to merge onto I-68 E toward Cumberland, MD
5 Take exit 15 for County Rd 73/12 toward Coopers Rock
6 Turn right at Co Route 73/12
7 Follow Signs to Overlook
Total: 18.6 mi - about 28 mins

1 Head southeast toward Co Rd 73/16
2 Turn left at Co Rd 73/16
3 Continue onto Co Route 73/12
4 Turn right to merge onto I-68 E
5 Take exit 23 for W Virginia 26 toward Bruceton Mills
6 Turn right at W Virginia 26 S
7 Turn left at W Virginia 7 E/E Main St
8 Turn right at W Virginia 72 S
9 Turn right at W Virginia 72 S/Buffalo St
10 Turn left at US-50 E/George Washington Hwy
Arriving at US-50 E/George Washington Hwy
Total: 52.0 mi - about 1 hour 14 mins

Starting from US-50 E/George Washington Hwy
1 Head east on US-50 E/George Washington Hwy toward Aurora Pike/Co Route 53/Terra Alta Rd
2 Slight right at W Virginia 24 S/Co Route 24/14/Shillenberg Rd
3 Continue onto US-219 S
4 Continue onto W Virginia 32 S/Spruce St
5 Slight left at W Virginia 32 S/Davis Rd
6 Turn right at Blackwater Falls Rd/Co Route 29
7 Turn right to stay on Blackwater Falls Rd/Co Route 29
8 Sharp left at Blackwater Falls Picnic Area Rd/Park Forest Rd 803
9 Continue onto Blackwater Falls Rd/Co Route 29/1
Arriving at Blackwater Falls Rd/Co Route 29/1
Total: 21.1 mi - about 31 mins

Starting from Blackwater Falls Rd/Co Route 29/1
1 Head east on Blackwater Falls Rd/Co Route 29/1 toward Blackwater Falls Picnic Area Rd/Park Forest Rd 803
2 Slight left at Blackwater Falls Picnic Area Rd/Park Forest Rd 803
3 Sharp right at Blackwater Falls Rd/Co Route 29
4 Turn left to stay on Blackwater Falls Rd/Co Route 29
5 Turn left at W Virginia 32 N
6 Continue straight onto US-219 N
7 Keep left at the fork >> Entering Maryland
8 Turn left at E Oak St
9 Turn right at US-219 N/S 3rd St
Arriving at US-219 N/Garrett Hwy
Total: 34.8 mi - about 55 mins

2811 Stewartstown Rd, Morgantown, WV 26508-1404
Starting from US-219 N/Garrett Hwy
1 Head north on US-219 N/Garrett Hwy toward Arrowhead Ln
2 Continue onto MD-42 N/Friendsville Rd
3 Turn left to merge onto I-68 W toward Morgantown
Entering West Virginia
4 Take exit 7 toward W Virginia 705/Airport/Pierpont
5 Turn right at Cheat Rd/Co Rd 73/Co Rd 857
6 Continue onto US-119 N/Point Marion Rd
7 Turn right at Co Rd 6/5/Stewartstown Rd
Arriving at Co Rd 6/5/Stewartstown Rd
Total: 47.7 mi - about 58 mins

341 Chaplin Hill Road, First Floor, Morgantown, WV 26501
Starting from Forks of Cheat Winery
1 Head west on Co Rd 6/5/Stewartstown Rd
2 Turn left at US-119 S/Point Marion Rd
3 Turn right at US-119 S/Mileground Rd
4 Turn left at High St
5 Turn right at Walnut St
6 Turn left at Don Knotts Blvd/University Ave
7 Turn right at Donley St
Arriving at 341 Chaplin Hill Road,
Total: 8.8 mi - about 19 mins

Cheat River

Points of Interest

Dorsey’s Knob Park
A City park in Morgantown. Be sure to climb to the top of Sky Rock for a spectacular view of the Morgantown area. Bring your frisbee! The park has a new 18 hole disc golf course.

Cheat River
You will begin to notice the river at this point in Albright, WV. You will cross over a bridge. The Cheat river provides up to class IV rapids and is one of the few rivers that flows North.

Monroe’s Deli Style Eatery
Healthy and tasty food is on the menu as well as good music and an eclectic atmosphere. The Laurel Mountain Coffeehouse is held on the second Saturday of each month from October through April, bringing in acoustic musicians from all over the nation for your listening enjoyment.

Old Limestone Mine Entrances
Watch for two large limestone mine entrances on the right side of the road. A cold sensation can be felt as you ride by due to the air from the mine. The railroad is live and runs above the mines. They are very close to the road and can be viewed from the pull off.

Tray Run Viaduct
In late fall or early spring you can view the Tray Run Viaduct. This railroad bridge is still in operation today and is the bridge depicted on the back of the WV State Seal. Almost impossible to see with leaves on the trees, it sits high on the hill and goes over the valley.

Cannon Hill
Civil War cannon site. The Union Soldiers and Rowlesburg Citizens held back around 10,000 confederate troops from destroying the town’s bridges and cutting off a main supply for Union Troops. There is a 45 minute walking tour of the site, which is marked with a US flag.

World War II Museum
100% Authentic Military Garb and Supplies. Stand and enjoy real life history in front of your face. No Glass in between. Visitation is by appointment only unless you happen to catch them there. Planning is a must in this case, but well worth it!

The Depot Museum
A former B&O railroad freight and passenger station, which now houses hundreds of artifacts, a fully restored 1927 caboose, and an 1847 Howitzer replica.

Cool Springs Park
Gas, Restaurant, and Farm all in one stop! Take a break on Historic Route 50. Enjoy the animals, fish and the old equipment.

Cheat Mountain
The Start of Cheat Mountain offers great views for the passenger as the driver will be concentrating on the road! This mountain provides a total of 33 turns in a 3 mile run to the top. Be aware of Coal and logging trucks.

Cathedral State Park

Cathedral State Park is an ancient hemlock forest of majestic proportions, and one of the last commemorations of the vast virgin hemlock forests that once flourished in the Appalachian highlands. Trees up to 90 feet and 21 feet in circumference form the cloisters in the park. Throughout the woods, eastern hemlock is the dominant species. Also enjoy restroom facilities and a picnic area in case you brought your own.

Brookside Inn
Overlooking Cathedral State Park, the historic inn features four spacious guestrooms and a hearty breakfast.

Smallest Church in 48 States
“Our Lady Of The Pines” is a small, well-kept Roman Catholic church. It has been promoted as the “Smallest Church in 48 States.” Even today, a sign makes this odd claim to fame. The church contains seating for 12, and the exterior measures 24 ft. x 12 ft. That makes it less dainty, if no less divine, than a number of tinier churches. A bonus attraction is right behind “Our Lady of the Pines”: The “World’s Smallest Post Office,” serving the community of Silver Lake.

Once the windmills come into view, use the designated pull off to see the impressive WV windmill farm.

Fairfax Stone Historical Monument
The Fairfax Stone is one of the most significant historical landmarks in West Virginia. The stone marked the western boundary of land granted to Lord Fairfax by the King of England in the 1700s. Almost two centuries later the stone was used as the determining factor in the state boundary between West Virginia and Maryland.

Blackwater Falls State Park
Named for the falls of the Blackwater River whose amber-colored waters plunge five stories then twist and tumble through an eight-mile long gorge. The “black” water is a result of tannic acid from fallen hemlock and red spruce needles.

Deep Creek Lake State Park
Maryland’s largest fresh water lake. Also home to Wisp Resort where you can ski and tube all winter long.

Little Sandy Public Fishing Area and Dam
Watch the water roll off the dam and stretch your legs.

Little Sandy’s Truck Stop
Stop for some gas and grub. Home made food that hits home whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. A great place to fuel up if needed, you or the bike.

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