Out and Back

From Greater Morgantown Convention and Visitors Bureau Visitors’ Center
68 Donley Street, Morgantown, WV 26501

Morgantown, WV

Starting from Donley St
1 Head southeast on Donley St - toward Don Knotts Blvd/University Ave
2 Turn right at Don Knotts Blvd/University Ave
3 Slight left at Dorsey Ave
4 Slight right at Kingwood Pike/Ross St - Continue to follow Kingwood Pike
5 Continue onto Kingwood Pike
6 Continue onto Dorsey Ave
7 Continue onto Kingwood Pike
Arriving at Kingwood Pike
Total: 5.0 mi - about 10 mins

Reedsville, WV
Starting from Kingwood Pike
1 Head southeast on Kingwood Pike toward Kennedy Store Rd
2 Turn right at Tunnelton St
Arriving at Tunnelton St
Total: 9.2 mi - about 16 mins

Starting from Tunnelton St
1 Head southwest on W Virginia 92 S/Tunnelton St toward 1st St - Continue to follow W Virginia 92 S
2 Turn left at US-50 E/Co Route 66/Yarks Run
Arriving at US-50 E/Co Route 66/Yarks Run
Total: 14.5 mi - about 20 mins

Starting from US-50 E/W Virginia 92 S/George Washington Hwy
1 Head southeast on US-50 E/W Virginia 92 S/George Washington Hwy - Continue to follow US-50 E/George Washington Hwy
2 Turn left at W Virginia 72 N
Arriving at Buffalo St
Total: 14.6 mi - about 23 mins

Starting from Buffalo St
1 Head north on Buffalo St toward Catherine St
2 Take the 1st left onto W Virginia 72 N/Catherine St - Continue to follow W Virginia 72 N
3 Turn left at W Virginia 7 W
Arriving at E Main St
Total: 13.2 mi - about 19 mins

Starting from E Main St
1 Head west on E Main St toward 52 7/N Sigler St
2 Turn right at Morgantown St/State Route 7 - Continue to follow State Route 7
3 Turn right at W Virginia 7 W/Tunnelton St - Continue to follow W Virginia 7 W
4 Turn right to stay on W Virginia 7 W
5 Turn left at Depot Way
Arriving at Depot Way
Total: 11.0 mi - about 18 mins

Morgantown, WV

Starting from Depot Way
1 Head east on Depot Way toward S Main St
2 Take the 1st left onto Main St
3 Take the 3rd left to stay on Main St
4 Continue onto W Virginia 7 W/Hundle Ave
5 Turn right onto Tyrone Rd
6 Turn left onto S Pierpont Rd
Arriving at Pierpont Rd
Total: 8.7 mi - about 17 mins

Starting from Pierpont Rd
1 Head north on Pierpont Rd toward Co Rd 68
2 Take the 1st right to stay on Pierpont Rd
3 Turn right at Co Rd 67/S Pierpont Rd
4 Turn left at Cheat Rd/Co Rd 73/Co Rd 857
5 Turn left at US-119 S/Mileground Rd
Arriving at US-119 S/Ices Ferry Rd/Mileground Rd
Total: 4.4 mi - about 11 mins

Starting from US-119 S/Ice S Ferry Rd/Mileground Rd
1 Head southwest on US-119 S/Ices Ferry Rd/Mileground Rd toward Eisenhower St - Continue to follow US-119 S
2 Turn left at High St
3 Turn right at Walnut St
4 Turn left at Don Knotts Blvd/University Ave - Continue to follow University Ave
5 Turn right at Donley St
Arriving at Donley St
Total: 2.6 mi - about 7 mins

Preston County Inn

Points of Interest

Smokin’ Jacks
From wings to crab legs, stop in for a nice relaxed place to hang out. Great food and service and night life, as well.

Cool Springs Park
Gas, Restaurant, and Farm all in one stop! Take a break on Historic Route 50. Enjoy the animals, fish and old equipment.

The Depot Museum
A former B&O railroad freight and passenger station, which now houses hundreds of artifacts, a fully restored 1927 caboose, and an 1847 Howitzer replica.

World War II Museum
A 100% Authentic Military Garb and Supplies museum.Stand and enjoy real life history in front of your face. Visitation is by appointment only. Planning is a must in this case, but well worth it! Call 304-329-1240.

Tray Run Viaduct
In late fall or early spring you can view the Tray Run Viaduct. This railroad bridge is still in operation today and is the bridge depicted on the back of the WV State Seal.

Old Limestone Mine Entrances
Watch for two large limestone mine entrances on the right side of the road. A cold sensation can be felt as you ride by due to the air from the mine.

Esso Gas Station
A “stuck-in-time” period gas station. Complete with glass-domed gas pumps, era Coke machines, signs etc., and restored pick-up truck in downtown Kingwood.

Monroe’s Deli Style Eatery
Healthy and tasty food is on the menu as well as good music and an eclectic atmosphere. The Laurel Mountain Coffeehouse is held on the second Saturday of each month from October through April, bringing in acoustic musicians from all over the nation for your listening enjoyment.

Preston County Inn
Built in 1857 and is located in downtown Kingwood. A great place to grab some buckwheat cakes and sit on the front porch in a rocking chair.

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