How to Host the Perfect WVU Tailgate on a Budget

Tips for your best tailgate party, yet!

WVU’s football season is well under way, but there is still time to host the perfect tailgate party. Tailgates are known for bringing friends together to cheer on their favorite team, but throwing a tailgate can be costly. Learn how to host the perfect WVU tailgate on a budget with these helpful tips.

Shop at Local Farmer’s Markets

Morgantown has a variety of farmer’s markets available with an assortment of fresh produce and meats. The Morgantown Farmer’s Market, for example, has over 40 vendors that sell fresh bread, produce, meats, and eggs every Saturday morning. Save money buying produce that is cheaper per pound than grocery store prices. The different markets are open various days and times during the week, so make sure to check out their hours of operation.

If you do go to a retail warehouse such as Sam’s Club, don’t be afraid to use coupons. Sites like have printable as well as downloadable coupons you can load onto your phone to use in-store.

Use Easy Recipes

Find recipes that are not only easy to make, but easy on your wallet. Deviled eggs, potato salad, and bean dip are just a few suggestions from The site has multiple tailgate recipes that you can make for under a dollar.

WVU tailgates are all about getting together with the Mountaineer community. If you are trying to cut costs, try downsizing the size of the party by inviting only close friends or family. Have each person bring a dish for a potluck and serve the food buffet style.

Shop for Decor at Party Stores like Everyday’s a Party

Don’t show up to your own tailgate party without proper accessories. At party stores like Everyday’s a Party, you can find everything you need for a perfect tailgate: food, decorations, games, and more.

“We sell everything for tailgates,” says Clark, manager at Everyday’s a Party.

Buying decorations does not have to be a hassle. The Everyday’s a Party staff will help you find the products that you need to make your tailgate exactly what you want. Whether you are hosting an alumni tailgate with festive WVU decor or you just need to buy beverages, you can save time and money by visiting Everyday’s a Party. Products with team logos can be more expensive, so look for cheaper decorations like blue and gold streamers, balloons and solid-colored plastic tablecloths that are simple, but still look great.

Look for fun tailgating games like cornhole that kids and adults can play together. Other easy games to include are a ring toss, trivia, or a football to pass around.

Ask Guests to Bring Their Own Drinks to the Tailgate Party (BYOB!)

Alcohol can be expensive, especially when buying for a party. Avoid the hassle by asking your invitees to bring their own beer if they plan on drinking.

If the weather’s getting cooler or you are tailgating for a night game, supply hot chocolate or coffee and ask guests to bring their favorite liquor to spike their beverages.

Don’t blow your budget by hosting a tailgate, it does not have to be stressful! Save money by following these tips and have a great time hosting your next tailgate party.

When you want to continue your party, gather your friends and visit a local brewery or winery here in Greater Morgantown!


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